Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The reviews are in....

...And it looks like we're a hit. I can't thank you all enough for picking up our little project. And all the cake that we shipped with the review copies paid off. Here's a little sampling of the kind words...
(If there's any I missed or you would like your link posted here please let me know.)

Multiversity Comics
Comixtreme 1
Comixtreme 2
First Comics News
Comics Bulletin
Player Affinity
Giant Killer Squid
Comic Vine
The Negaverse
Things From Another World
Fandom Mania
Major Spoilers
Challengers Comics
Pop Culture Network
Project Fanboy
Pop Culture Hound
Cammy's Comic Corner
Pendragon's Post
Hablemos De Comics
Comic News
Comic Blog Jones
Comics Waiting Room
Gin & Comics

And if that wasn't enough, CBR has a preview of issue 2 which is due to get Dangerous on July 28th. Now excuse me while I go make colorist supreme, Andrew Dalhouse's life miserable.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I think it's clear, everyone says it's awesome :)

    How are the sales though? Are they up to the critical success? (I sure hope so! We need more!!) I posted a news about the comic on my site (not a review though) I think the buzz on all the web is probably helping a lot.

    BTW, Thank you for the info about possible Europe / digital releases :)