Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Don't you hate knowing something that you can't tell anyone else? Like when you got someone the perfect present for their birthday and it's 3 weeks away. Or when the girl who turned you down to go to prom has toilet paper stuck to her shoe but you want her to walk through the entire classroom so everyone can see what a stupid, cold .... but I digress.

This is the moment where I get to reveal the covers for Duck Tales #5, the beginning of the great Duck Tales/Darkwing Duck crossover! As I have proclaimed (to the point of annoyance), the Carl Barks Scrooge comics were one of my major influences as a budding funny book drawer. No more cameos and easter eggs for me. I gets to draw me some Scrooge and the nephews in a real story. The color covers are on the Kaboom site but as often like to do, here's the black and white art to take a gander at.

And also that month we conclude the DW Mayoral arc with issue 16

I also wanted to give you a link to my new Tumblr feed. I'll still use this blog for my main announcements but over there I can just post random sketches on a more regular basis.

I'll be back right quick with details on my plans for Comic Con International, New York Comic Con and the full scoop on what we have cooked up for for the official Disney expo, D23!!!!


  1. wow! this is really exciting! can't wait to see what you guys have done! Heres to live being dangerous and being like a hurricane!

  2. how would you feel about making Roger Rabit comics for all the Roger Fans?
    you might inspire a new ropger movie or cartoon series