Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mailing commissions are open!

*Update- Commissions are now closed
 I found myself with a bit of post SDCC time so I am open for a very limited number of commission slots for mailing. If you can’t make it to one of the conventions I attend, this is your best opportunity to get an original piece of your choosing.
The options are the same. All work is done on 9”x12” bristol board. Grey marker pieces start at $50 per character and full color pieces start at $60. Prices go up for more than one character, backgrounds, props, etc. All orders will include $7 for shipping and handling.
Unfortunately on this round I will not be taking any foreign orders. I’ve had some problems with the overseas commissions arriving in one piece. Until I can figure out a better shipping method I’m going to hold off on sending art internationally.
And again, I won’t be drawing anything x-rated or overly violent. (I really work on these characters and I don’t wanna do anything to disparage them). I also won’t be doing any portraits/caricatures. Believe me, there are much better artists to capture a likeness than me.
Otherwise, go nuts. I love a good mashup challenge. Check this blog and my tumblr for ideas and email me here with your requests
If you are attending either Comikaze in LA or New York Comic Con, I will be open for pre-orders in September. I can deliver your commissions in person and save you the cost of shipping. Check back for details.

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  1. Curious question! While this is not a commission, this is an idea.

    ...Negaduck + Heartless influence from Kingdom Hearts.