Sunday, September 23, 2012

NYCC commission pre-oreders are open!

So here’s the deal- work (the real stuff I do) has exploded and given me less opportunity to prepare for New York Comic Con. That means I’m opening up now for a VERY limited amount of commission slots.

This time around I’ll only be taking COLOR 9”x12”commissions starting at $60 per character. I don’t travel with my full set of color markers (I gotta swim there from Hawaii fer chrissakes) so this will be the only way to get full color art. You can email me here with your requests.
Amy Mebberson and I will be taking fresh commission lists everyday of the show. We usually fill up by noon so get there early. If you want your piece done only in grey markers, I will take your orders at the con.
Remember this is for pick-up at NYCC only. I’m afraid I can’t take any mailing orders at this time. You can pick up your work at Artist Alley table C16. Don’t forget I will also have my first sketchbook debuting at the show.
I look forward to seeing everyone in NYC. Save me a slice of Original Famous Ray's. Or is it Ray's Original Famous?

1 comment:

  1. comik book suggestion:
    Duck tales, darkwing duck and tailspin combined
    -launchpad and baloo (who is the better pilot)
    -scrooge and shere khan (business deal)
    -nega duck teams up with the beagle boys and air pirates